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The William Gills team in Huntly are well known for their extensive range of quality used wrecking parts from dismantled vehicles. We ensure that only the most reliable parts are resold from our wrecked vehicles, so you can be sure that your replacement parts will go the distance. 

Wrecking parts are an affordable and sustainable option to keep your truck safely on the road and performing to its potential. Most parts on wrecked vehicles are undamaged and working properly when the vehicle is decommissioned. Buying used parts extends the life cycle of New Zealand vehicles and saves you money.

You can contact Ross or Brian for any enquiries—they’ll be happy to help you find the parts you're looking for. With friendly staff and great prices, you'll soon see what makes William Gill & Sons Auckland's premier wrecking company. Contact us today or explore our available wrecking parts below.

Free Ph: 0800 329 331
Ph: 07 828 9336
Fax: 07 828 8696
Email: huntly@williamgill.co.nz

Wrecking Parts

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Second Hand Gearboxes
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  • Road Ranger RTL014918B Repaired ex FS430
  • Road Ranger RT14715
  • Road Ranger RTL014718B
  • M13052X5 10S Inomat Gearshift
  • M035S5 ex FE51CB

Used Engine Parts To Suit
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  • 6M70T
  • 6D40T
  • 6D24T
  • 8DCP1AT
  • 6D16 & 6D16T
  • 4M40
  • 4P10

Second Hand Motors
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  • 6d16T Turbo Engine ex FM657
  • 6D16T Turbo Engine ex FK220 & FK617. Note: This engine has had an inframe engine kit fitted
  • 4D34 Non Turbo ex FE649
  • 4D33 Non Turbo ex FE51CB

Diff Heads
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  • FV/FS430 D10 5.142 Rear LSD
  • FE83/84D 4.875 DO33H. Will fit FE53EB

Second Hand:

  • FE649 D3H 5.714
  • FE659 (Import) 5.285
  • FM657
  • FS4164
  • FV/FS430 Rear Diff 4.625 D10
  • FV/FS500 Series FR Diff 5.142 D12
  • FV/FS400 Series FR & RR 3.545 D12

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  • FV/FS430 Front
  • FV/FS400 Front
  • FV/FS 395 Front
  • FE649 Front
  • Ex FM657 10 Stud Tag Axle

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  • FE659 Not Complete
  • FM657 Not Complete
  • FK220 (FK617) Not Complete
  • FM

Cab Parts
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  • FM657
  • FK617
  • FE649
  • FV/FS430 Some Parts

Now Wrecking
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  • 2009 Mitsubishi FUSO Canter FE150E4
  • 2003 Mitsubishi Shogun FS430S5
  • 2002 Mitsubishi Canter FE51CB