The Mighty electric is as much a workhorse as its diesel compatriots.

The range is up to 240km (AER240), utilising ECO mode and the regenerative braking technology that can recover up to 33% of the vehicles energy.

"Just a 20-minute rapid charge, less than the time it would take to load cargo, grants a 100km extension of all-electric range,"

Mighty Electric is fitted with the latest in-cab design, technology, and safety features including forward collision avoidance, Lane departure warning, Vehicle dynamic control and Electronic braking system.

Series production for the Hyundai Mighty electric is planned to commence in the first quarter of 2023, with final specifications and pricing to be confirmed.

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Electric Power

*Charging time can vary due to ambient temperature, battery temperature, and charger specifications.

The Battery

The Mighty electric has a class leading high density 114.5Kwh battery providing energy to the 120Kw /1007Nm electric drive motor.

The Range

Get up to 240km of driving range on a full charge (AER240) including range extension with energy recuperation in ECO mode.

The Charge Time

Get your battery recharged to 100% in 70* minutes or add 100kms to your range in just 20* minutes.


The all-new Mighty electric comes packed with all the innovative safety features needed to make you a better safer driver.

Forward Collision Avoidance

On detecting the risk of a collision with the vehicle ahead, FCA will automatically perform the braking if the driver fails to apply the brake pedal to help avoid a collision and/or mitigate damage/personal injury.

Lane Departure Warning System

The front camera monitors the painted lane markers and when the vehicle begins to drift out of the lane LDWS alerts the driver with a buzzer alarm and visual alert on the cluster.

Vehicle Dynamic Control

On detecting wheel slippage, VDC stabilizes the vehicle by automatically regulating torque output and braking individual wheels to prevent loss of directional control and rollover, damage/personal injury.


The Mighty electric has a 120-kW /1007 Nm traction motor, powered by a 502-V battery system. It will be available in two model variants 5995kg & 7200kg Gross Vehicle Mass, both will be 4x2 configurations with a 3300mm wheelbase.

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